Game Dev Tips: LeanTween for Unity

Last week I went to a very interesting set of presentations of topics related to Unity. One of the topic was given by the creator of one very good library for tween animations LeanTween. I really recommend this library because all the power that can be done with it. And also the most interesting feature of this library is the amazing performance compared to very similar libraries. There are a couple of libraries that do all these kind of effects but this one has a very good performance compared to its competitors. And it is free!

LeanTween – Unity Asset Store




Any progress is a good progress. Even if it just a small step, for me this is a good one. Now I have 37 downloads in windows store, plus 29 downloads in Google play. Even it is a small number this gives me a motivation for continue my work. I already made a lot of changes since I publish that version in both markets, and I know with the new version more people will like it.