Playing with fire! (Blender)

Few releases back, Blender introduced a simulation for smoke/fire something that only was available on other engines. Now came to Blender. And today I was playing with it. Adding some shaders and some forces to the scene you get pretty neat effects (This image is part of a promo video that I’m working on):


Is really easy to achieve and also is really powerful tool that can help you make some nice looking scenes.

I found a really good tutorial that shows some nodes configuration also, and showcases the features of the simulations:

500+ on Android

A great achievement! Having more than 500 downloads in one platform is great, we’re getting closer to the 1000+ across platforms. It is great how the community grows. And good to see that people likes my games.


Thanks for the support!

More updates coming soon! I’ve been working on the size of the game, in the next release it will be notably smaller.